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    Section 2: Candidate’s declaration

    I hereby declare that all my answers to the above questions are true, complete and exact. I acknowledge that a false declaration or important oversight on my part might result in the rejection of my application or my dismissal without notice.

    Moreover, I accept to have a complete medical examination, before being hired, which includes a drug and alcohol screening test, to have periodical medical examinations throughout employment by a medical doctor appointed by the firm subject to the medical information shared being only related to my work or my eligibility to employee benefits.

    I consent, under the same conditions, to transmit to the firm all my previous medical files.
    The present consents are only valid for my hiring process duration and for as long as I am employed by the firm. In the case of my employment termination, my consent is valid only during any related dispute.

    It is agreed that following my employment, I would be on probation in accordance with the firm policies, time during which I can be fired without any appeal.

    By the present document, I grant the firm PMI Produits métalliques permission to get references from my previous employers as well as my current one. I free from all responsibility the people or societies giving out such references.

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